vendredi 23 août 2013


Julian Assange in conversation with reporter Liz Hayes for 60 minutes, August 4th :  

JA: Bradley Manning* is a hero, we should just say it very very clearly. He's a hero.
LH: Do you have sleepless nights about Bradley Manning ?
JA: I'm not the type to toss and turn worrying about something. If I'm not sleeping it is because I'm plotting how to deal with the situation. 
LH: But the vehicle that you provided for him is...
JA: They wouldn't be treating Bradley Manning in the way that they are now if it was not for the fact of our publications, absolutely.
LH: As a human being does that cause you any level of distress ?
JA: It's just, we see him as someone who we have a shared destiny with, as someone who's alleged to be one of our sources, we have some kind of duty of care for him, absolutely. 

* Bradley Manning has since asked to be called Chelsea Manning, with respect to her desire to live as female. Read her statement here