mardi 29 mars 2011

le corps visible et l'affect-jaguar

"(... )(differences in) affects, dispositions or capacities (which) render the body of every species unique: what it eats, how it communicates, where it lives, whether it is gregarious or solitary, and so forth. The visible shape of the body is a powerful sign of these differences in affect, although it can be deceptive since a human appearance could, for example, be concealing a jaguar-affect. Thus, what I call 'body' is not a synonym for distinctive substance or fixed shape; it is an assemblage of affects or ways of being that constitute a habitus. Between the formal subjectivity of souls and the substantial materiality of organisms there is an intermediate plane which is occupied by the body as a bundle of affects and capacities and which is the origins of perspectives. "

Eduardo Viveiros de Castro

Le corps comme assemblage d'affects, dispositions, capacités, de modes d'être au monde, à l'autre, à soi, constitué en habitus - Le corps, interface entre la subjectivité de l'âme et la matérialité organique ?