mercredi 9 novembre 2016

Of Fatigue and Feathers

When you feel stuck in a state of fatigue that no amount of good sleep, good food, or the usual routine of self care seem to cure, maybe you will find it is not so much your physical body that is worn out... Sure, you will need to get good sleep, fresh air, eat well, move about, and enjoy the company of good friends to recuperate. But the breakthrough in healing and restoring your vitality might come from realizing (acknowledging) that there are other, more subtle, parts of yourself that need special attention. Outer layers, spiritual dimensions of your being in this world, that have become clouded, obscured. It's like there is dark smoke, interferences, between you and the sky, you and Nature, a blanket blocking the Sun and the elements from communicating themselves to you... and you to them. Petroleum on your feathers ? No amount of sleep seems to make that go away, or, it takes ages... You sleep, yet you still shrivel. This is, anyway, how I have come to understand, through my experiences and that of other people in my care, this almost surreal state of fatigue: one that keeps draining us, even though we are tending to it. How did it happen ? There is probably a variety of answers to that, but it can happen after having stayed long in highly technological environments without "compensating" for it, for example, or from being very empathetic to places and people, but with weak boundaries and/or not enough outlet for all the darkness one picks up, among other things. If you're a caregiver like I am, this topic is actually rather crucial, we should remind ourselves (or be reminded) of this : The moment we work with us only and not with Nature working through us, we're at risk of contracting that unshakable exhaustion. So what to do then ? In my opinion the first step is to maybe come to that realization. And maybe try to visualize what is here. Last time for me it was smoke, and black ink, and even electric waves, blue, aggressive. What do you picture ? Then, you can seek Nature, go to Her, and "summon" the elements to come help "clean" and clear whatever you feel is eclipsing your subtle body. Who do you feel will help you, in which order ? Water ? Wind ? Fire ? Earth ? Go to them. Let your hair down in the Wind, sit by Grand Papa Fire, give your weight to Earth, immerse your body in Water. Smell Nature. Listen to Her. If you can't go to the elements (there is also Fire in a candle, mind you), visualize them: Imagine they are coming to you as you breathe in and out, with each inspiration closer, cleaning you, regenerating you. If you are lucky to know someone who works with sound, music, songs, ancient wisdom and forms of healing much connected to Nature, you can maybe go to them for a session. Another possibility is to look around you for instruments like Drums, Maracas, or Bells. Shower in their sounds, or have a friend give you a "shower" with their sounds from head to toe for a while, lying down. Sitting by the ocean shore, bathing in the incessant sound, can also do good. Smile, feel the embrace by both Earth and Sky, feel how you are being taken care of. Whatever you do, understand this is about re-connecting with Nature, grounding in your surroundings, so keep it simple and stay present in the here and now, in this body, on this planet. Soon, you're back in touch and the communication line is clear. You're not so tired anymore. You'll be fine now: Keep the self-care routine, sleep early and enough, eat well and not too much, enjoy your work, enjoy people and friends, balance movement and rest, get fresh air, and everyday say Hello, and Thank you, to Her. In general I find the more we practice/enjoy this (re)connection to Nature, the more she will give us clues everyday as to how to best take care of ourselves. Staying balanced then becomes more and more effortless. I hope this helps. I thank here a very special feathered friend. LOVE.